Streetbeat’s vision is to help young people to fulfil their potential. Based in the Greater Shankhill, they link in with the local Boys and Girls Model Schools. Around 300 young people are supported each week and last year the Black Santa Appeal enabled them to deliver life changing support such as mentoring, counselling and skills work in COVID Safe Marquees.

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Their Mission: 

Creating spaces for young people to realise their potential and then provide them with opportunities for this potential to develop and flourish is what Street beat is all about.  The project workers engage with young people in a way that challenges them positively, aiming to facilitate learning and development through new challenges and experiences.


What the young people say about Streetbeat:


‘ I like attending Streetbeat as I like how supporting they all are and how they can lift my self-esteem by encouraging me to do different things I would have never done in the past! ‘


‘ Streetbeat has helped us as it has given us something to do during the pandemic, which has been extremely hard for us all.’ 


What's next ? 


Streetbeat has embarked on building a climbing wall to be used as part of their Adventure Programme. Initiating positive person-centred experiential learning and promotion of mental health and physical well-being are just some of the benefits that the wall will bring. Funding from the Black Santa Appeal will mean the climbing wall can be completed and be put to full use to help the young people move to greater heights both physically and in their lives overall!